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Orthodontist clinic in Calgary NE 2024: We are committed to providing you with safe, continuous dental treatment. We have taken proactive measures to ensure that patients and staff are treated in a safe and hygienic environment for all dental requirements. At The Port Dental Clinic in Calgary, our dentists provide a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and Orthodontics. Your search for a good dentist in Calgary ends here. We are an experienced team of general dentists with experience in offering a complete oral care in Calgary, AB. Discover even more info at best dentist in Calgary.

Beyond Traditional Veneers: Minimal Prep and Microthin Veneers: In cosmetic dentistry, significant progress has been made, providing patients with additional aesthetic and conservative alternatives. Microthin veneers and minimal prep are becoming increasingly popular since they need less enamel removal to provide natural results. The increased desire for cosmetic operations requiring little invasiveness aligns with this trend. Digital Smile Design (DSD): Another interesting development is the digital smile design, which shows patients how their smile will look after treatment before they even start. Precise planning and personalization are made possible by this technology, guaranteeing that patients take an active role in decision-making.

What is Cosmetic Tooth Bonding? Cosmetic tooth bonding, sometimes referred to as dental bonding or teeth bonding, is a dental operation where teeth are repaired or enhanced through the application of a resin material that matches the color of the teeth. Several dental conditions are frequently treated with this procedure, including: Chipped or Cracked Teeth: Bonding can effectively restore the structure of a tooth that has suffered minor damage. Discoloration: Stains or discolorations that whitening procedures might not be able to adequately remove can be covered by teeth bonding. Closing Spaces: By assisting in the closure of little gaps or spaces between teeth, it can enhance appearance in general. Reshaping: Bonding can change a tooth’s length or shape to create a grin that is more even and well-balanced. Protection: It might act as a barrier to keep exposed tooth roots from becoming sensitive or decaying.

Dental implants may be beneficial in reversing bone loss. Indeed, one of the primary advantages of getting dental implants in Calgary over tooth replacement procedures is bone loss due to the biocompatibility of the titanium used in the implants, which naturally stimulates bone growth. Standard size implants – It is a type of implant restoration made of biocompatible titanium and uses insufficient bone and space to support them. They are also known as conventional dental implants and are approximately the size of a natural tooth root. In most dental implant surgeries for seniors, standard implants support the crowns independently of one another. Additionally, they can be used in pairs to secure a multi-tooth bridge. Find even more info at dental implants in Calgary NE.

“Ceramic, or “clear,” braces are made of composite materials that are weaker and more brittle than their metal counterpart. Ceramic brackets are larger than metal brackets and require small rubber bands, or ligatures, (or built in spring clips on “self-ligating” brackets) to hold them to the arch wire. Because the ligatures are white or clear, they can stain. However, staining is not a big problem because ligatures are changed every time you get an adjustment (generally monthly). The “self-ligatiing” clips do not require retying with wires or elastics. Also, like metal braces, ceramic brackets are not removable until treatment is completed, can produce irritation and discomfort, and may complicate regular tooth care, eating and speaking.

Convenience: Since dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, they are more convenient than other tooth replacement options. They do not require special dietary restrictions and can be cared for just like your natural teeth. Patients can eat their favorite foods and enjoy their favorite activities without worrying about their teeth. Improved Self-Confidence: Dental implants can have a significant impact on a patient’s self-confidence. Patients with missing teeth often feel self-conscious about their appearance, and may avoid social situations or hide their smile. Dental implants provide a natural-looking and comfortable solution, helping patients to feel more confident and outgoing.