Anonymous STD testing Singapore

Anonymous STD testing Singapore right now: When should I go for STD screening? You should consider screening if you have symptoms of a possible STD, if you have had a recent risky exposure (unprotected sex with a casual partner), or both. Here at Atlas Pacific Medical, our doctors are committed to providing quality healthcare tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Find extra info at anonymous std screening.

STDs or STIs are sexually transmitted diseases/infections. The terms are interchangeable and highlight the same conditions. As the name suggests, STDs are infections almost exclusively passed on through sex, whether this be vaginal, anal or oral sex. While there are a plethora of different infections many have no symptoms at the initial stage. Some may not exhibit symptoms for weeks to months after initial infection, which can lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment. This can lead to spread of infections with many people being completely unaware.

When an appointment is not available and you cannot wait for a later one, ask about your options. There are often urgent care centers or emergency rooms open that can serve you. The staff at the doctor’s office may be able to tell you which type of office to visit, as well as nearby options that accept your insurance. If you’ve followed step one then you have already been tracking symptoms. Writing this information down is a good way to ensure you do not forget. It also allows you to show your doctor your symptoms versus telling them. When presenting symptoms, think about the words you’ll use and try to be accurate. Announcing that you had a fever for two days can be misleading if you don’t provide additional details. For example, most physicians don’t consider a rise in temperature a fever until it reaches 100.4 degrees F. That’s because slight variations in temperature are normal and most thermometers have a small range allotted for error. Using information such as “low grade” or “high grade” when discussing fever is a good example of presenting your symptoms accurately. The same rule applies to all symptoms, and the more information you provide, the less follow-up questions your physician will need to ask.

To illustrate the point further, the STD prevalance in Singapore is considered among the top 5 developed countries in the world when adjusted per population. The absence of symptoms is a big contributor to this fact. So getting screened regularly even if you feel fine and have no symptoms is of paramount importance to help identify silent infections so they can be treated promptly to reduce the chance of spreading infections.

Initial STD screening can vary depending on the type of test and clinic visited. Depending on the clinic and medical institution, additional charges may apply for consultations or further examinations. The cost of individual STD tests can also vary depending on the type of test conducted, such as a urine sample, blood sample or swab. Therefore, it is important to inquire about the specific tests that are included in the STD screening package when booking an appointment. Find even more info at