Ear wax services in Bath UK

Flight by plane is not the most pleasant way to travel for your ears. Specialists advise you to freeze and swallow frequently when the plane takes off and land, to balance the pressure level on the eardrum. The wax is produced by the body to fight germs and bacteria that affect the ear canal. Therefore, a thin wax film is needed to protect the eardrum from impurities and sensitive skin of the ear. But accumulated in excess, however, it causes blockages that affect your hearing, and inadequate cleaning can traumatize your ear canal. It uses, for cleaning, spray products that dissolve dead skin and accumulated wax, easily removing it.

Currently Emma’s microsuction ear wax removal clinic’s are at Fairfield Park Health Centre, 47 Tyning Ln, Bath, BA1 6EA. Emma does clinics on a Friday, and sometimes other days in the week, please call to check when there is availability. Microsuction is a safe wax-removal technique using specialised a high magnification binocular operating microscope allowing depth-perception and magnification to look directly into the ear canal. The clinician then uses a very fine sterile suction device at safe low pressure to remove the wax buildup. Read more info on Ear wax removal in Bath UK.

We are all aware that we must take care of the health of the ears, but we do not all know how sensitive they are and how carefully they must be cleansed. For example, cotton swabs are used by most people, but most of the time the limit is exceeded and the skin inside the ear is irritated from too much rubbing.

It is a misconception that the ears should be washed daily. The cerumen has a protective role for the auditory canal and must be allowed to perform its function. You can wash the outer surface of the ear canal with warm water once, twice a week, and then wipe thoroughly. You can use the corner of a handkerchief or a clean towel, soaked in warm water, to rotate around the ear flag. Source: https://www.bathearcare.co.uk/.